What if . . .

  • What if ... you were not allowed to dilate your patients' eyes?

  • What if ... you were excluded from participating in your patients' post-operative care?

  • What if ... you were required to refer every patient whose visual acuity was uncorrectable?

  • What if ... the HMO law and the optometric practice act didn't include "freedom of choice" language so that patients can choose to receive treatment from a doctor of optometry?

  • What if ... state or national healthcare reform was to pass and doctors of optometry were excluded as covered providers?

  • What if ... doctors of optometry were required to be under the supervision of an MD for all but refractive services?

  • What if ... there are hundreds of "What if...?" questions that could restrict or hamper your practice, or limit the services that you can provide to patients...

Is that the way you want to practice optometry?

Of course you would complain about such limitations on your practice and your ability to provide your patients with the care you have been trained to provide. There are organizations with political and financial clout that sincerely believe the world would be better if the above restrictions were enacted.Who is there to oppose them; to fight for your right to practice full scope optometry? In Washington State, there's only one organization opposing all those "What if's..."

The Optometric Physicians of Washington (OPW)

Optometric physicians throughout this state belonging to the OPW sincerely invite you to become a member. Take a few moments to think about what your day-to-day practice would be like now - or in the future - if the OPW didn't have the political and financial strength to fight for your interests.

Membership in the OPW, your local society, and the American Optometric Association (who fights your battles on the national levels) is an investment in your professional and personal future. The OPW's most valuable resource is its members and the time they contribute to the common good. For a complete list of benefits, click here.  


Or, if you prefer, the documents below can be downloaded and either emailed or mailed in to the OPW state office.