Member Benefits

Legislative Efforts (Optometry is a Legislated Profession):

Both the state (OPW) and the national (AOA) associations protect and expand the scope of practice of optometry and defend the profession against discrimination.  These legislative efforts better position optometry in the health care system. AOA/OPW are the only groups that provide a voice for the profession and fight for your right to practice full-scope optometry (example: Washington’s Any Willing Provider Law).

Third Party Insurance Representation (Eye Care Benefits/Insurance Liaison):

The association continuously advocates for the inclusion of optometric physicians as eye care providers under third party insurance plans.  This advocacy is crucial for the prevention of discrimination against optometry.  In addition, the association acts as a clearinghouse of information on third party insurance plans to members.

Continuing Education:

Continuing education offered by the association informs practitioners of the latest clinical procedures, technologies, and scientific evidence in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of patients.  This top quality education is offered to members at a reduced fee.

Practice Management Information (Surviving in a Competitive Business World):

The state and national associations offer practitioners information on a wide variety of practice management issues, including third party insurance information, clinical guidelines, and the AOA Practice Resource Network.

Networking Opportunities:

Association membership provides rich dividends of friendship as well as professional and personal fulfillment. Networking opportunities allow the sharing of information on practice opportunities, practice management, and clinical techniques with your colleagues.

Patient Education Information:

The association provides a wide variety of patient education materials; including pamphlets on eye health and vision care topics.

Practice Support Information:

Various practice support services are available through the AOA-endorsed insurance programs, liability insurance plans, retirement plans, and financial planning services.  In addition, extensive support information is available from the AOA library in St. Louis.

Referral Programs & Web Presence:

  • Members are part of a telephone referral program associated with 2-1-1
  • Members are listed on under "Find A Doctor" 
  • Members receive a complimentary listing on Think About Your Eyes, a nationwide campaign aimed at promoting optometric awareness and eye health

Public Relations:

The OPW and AOA continually promote optometry to the public, other health care professionals, legislators, third-party insurance representatives, and educators.

Section Membership:

Member practitioners can belong to specialty sections of the AOA and receive information relating to the practitioner’s interests and mode of practice.


Have fun with your colleagues (friends) while having the opportunity to make a difference. Volunteering brings fulfillment in knowing that you are contributing to your profession.

Keeping Optometry Strong Takes a Team……..
Join the Team for Mutual Success!

Member Participation


Members who are active and involved in association activities are much more likely to retain association membership. Every OD owes the profession some of his/her personal service.

The list below represents a few ways that ODs can contribute to the advancement of the profession of optometry.

  • Belong to my state & national association
  • Member in good standing (Pay my dues)
  • Serve on the organizational structure
  • Have asked a non-member to join
  • Serve as a mentor to a prospective member
  • Serve as a society president
  • Serve as a society team leader
  • Serve on the board
  • Participate in Day in Olympia
  • Participate in InfantSEE®
  • Participate in VISION USA™
  • Contribute to state & national PAC's
  • Contribute time and/or money to political campaigns
  • Know My State Senator & Representatives
  • Attend society legislator appreciation events
  • Know My Congress Members
  • Serve as a state and/or federal keyperson
  • Respond to questionnaires and surveys in order to contribute
  • Attend society meeting
  • Attend board meetings
  • Attend membership meetings
  • Attend association sponsored CE events