Miscellaneous Member Updates
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Greetings Doctors,

OPW member Katherine Shen, OD, of the King County Society, is taking a mission trip to provide vision services, in May 2015. She is looking for Distance Snellen Charts to borrow, for her work in Oaxaca, Mexico.

 If anyone has some, or ideas of who might, please contact Dr. Shen directly at:

drshen ( at) specialtyeye.com



We have had a theft in our office of Serengeti/Revo Sunglasses as well as an ophthalmic Silhouette Frame.  Can you please put a shout out to offices to watch for them to come through?  Below are the frames stolen


745016235366    Grand Sixties                     58/18/140            Matte Black/Orange  

745016235366    Gand Sixties                       58/18/140            Matte Black/Orange 

745016236158    Transmit                              59/16/134            Pewter w/Cobalt            

745016236141    Transmit                              59/16/134            Polished Blk w/graphite

745016234826    Transom                              64/15/125            Polished Brn/Bronze  


726644077306    Sassari                                   64/14/130           Satin Gun                           

726644079010    Mondello                            50/17/140            Shiny Silver                        

726644079188    Monza                                  62/17/125            Brn/Blk Brn Tort               

726644086032    Orvieto                                 62/16/130            Shiny/Matte Blk              


0692740804590  Chasis 4234                         54/17/140            Pur-Yel-Rhythm               


Thanks for your help in getting this out.

Family Eye Clinic <fec@fairpoint.net>
Ellensburg, WA