Sports Vision Safety

Sports and recreational activities cause more than 40,000 eye injuries per year. As a result, eye protection is a major concern to all those who participate in sporting activities. The highest risk activities include racquetball, tennis, handball, ice hockey, archery, baseball/softball, fencing, boxing, karate and any sport with a projectile. There are many types of protective sports eyewear available in either prescription or non-prescription lenses. Ask your optometric physician about the best option for your sport.

Example of a sports injury:

This young man’s eye was hit with a paintball from a distance of 100 feet. The first of the two photos was taken an hour after the injury; the second photo was taken a couple months later. The first photo shows bleeding into the anterior chamber (hyphema). The second photo shows the residual cataract, and pupil dilation from damage (Adie's tonic pupil) and represents the short term endpoint of this patient’s healing. Long term, the patient is at risk for glaucoma, will struggle focusing at near and will have glare from the pupil and the cataract.