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As an association of more than 600 optometric physicians throughout the State of Washington, OPW feels we have great resources to offer in every community. In addition, the members of the Association are eager and qualified to talk about a wide range of issues - from eye disease, to Laser Vision Correction, to new eye care products. Optometric physicians, or optometrists, are trained not only to test their patient's seeing ability and prescribe contacts and glasses, but also to detect, manage and treat diseases of the visual system such as glaucoma and diabetic eye disease. In addition, members of the Association are required to acquire continuing education credits each year to keep them on top of the latest in eye care diagnosis, treatment and technology.

Eye care issues touch the lives of just about everyone:

  • 80 percent of children's learning in their first 12 years comes through vision
  • Senior citizens are in need of avenues for maintaining healthy, clear vision to continue to enjoy life, be independent and stay active
  • Many eye diseases - like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and cataracts - tend to discriminate against specific age groups, ethnic backgrounds, and health/family histories
  • The baby boomer population is subject to the normal progression of vision disorders, and will be looking for new and effective ways to correct vision for their active lifestyles

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