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  • Welcome to the Optometric Physicians of Washington

    8 out of 10 Americans fear losing vision*, and quality of life determined by the ability to see. Protecting and enhancing vision and eye health is the mission of Optometric Physicians of Washington.  *2010 Harris Survey

  • Optometric physicians examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases, injuries, and disorders of the eye, and associated structures.


  • OPW is the professional association of doctors of Optometry, whose mission is to enhance vision care and eye health for all Washington State’s citizens.



How often do I really need my eyes examined?  Explore all the resources on the OPW web site for answers to eye care questions that will help you and your family maintain healthy vision.


The OPW wants to be an important resource for all of your stories that cover or are related to eyes, eye health and eye care technology. The OPW works hard to provide you with great timely, local and personal stories relating to eye care issues.


Information regarding common ocular conditions and disease, including diabetic retinopathy, which affects 5.3 million Americans age 18 and older.


About OPW

The Optometric Physicians of Washington (OPW) strives to be the resource for eye care information that affects the care of patients. OPW regularly posts current research into eye care issues, current studies and findings related to eye health and outlines of current and emerging eye care pharmaceutical products.

Click on Vision Conditions to learn the optometric physician's process in treating eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. OPW works with health care professionals to show the optometric physician's scope of practice in order to work together toward the overall health of patients.

OPW has found that optometric physicians are often the entry point into the health care system for many individuals. Optometric physicians frequently diagnose ocular manifestations of systemic disease such as diabetic retinopathy, and neuro-ophthalmic disease. OPW strives to educate the general public about optometry, cutting-edge eye care information and OPW programs that provide free eye care information and free complete eye health and vision examinations.

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